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France. 1991

Polifonies Vivantes (the first international scholarly body, focusing on the study of traditional polyphony, director – Simha Arom), under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture and the National Centre for Scientific Research, and with the help of the Royaumont Foundation, organized a conference “Russian Traditional Polyphony” in Royaumont Abbey, from May 30th – June 2nd. All these papers were fully published as a separate collection of the articles Les polyphonies populaire russes (1993). Here is the list of participating scholars and their papers:

1. Ekaterina Dorokhova, Russia. “Plurivocalite traditionnelle du sud de la Russie”.

2. Margarita Engovatova, Russia. a) “Plurivocalite traditionnelle de ‘O’uest de la Russie”; b) “Plurivocalite traditionnelle des Russes du Nord”.

3. Anatoly Ivanov, Russia. “A propos des polyphonies instrumentales et vocals des regions de Koursk et de Belgorod”.

4. Nadia Zhulanova, Russia. “Plurivocalite traditionnelle des ethnies fino-ougriennes de la Volga et de l’Oural”.

5. Nikolai Kaufman, Bulgaria. “Plurivocalite traditionnelle des Cosaques de Bulgarie”.

6. Alexander Medvedev, Russia. “La plurivocalite populaire russe en tant que systeme dans l’art musical russe”.

7. Tamara Pavlova, Russia. “Plurivocalite traditionnelle des Cosaques de Koubagne”.

8. Anne-Helen Trottier, “Contextes et reperes”.

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