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Ghana. 1966


The University of Ghana in Legon, together with the Ministry of Education and Culture, hosted the Eighteenth International Conference of the International Folk Music Council. The conference was held from July 27th to August 3rd, 1966. The conference was not dedicated to the problems of traditional polyphony only. It had two main themes: (1) “The migration of folk music and its effect on musical style and context”, and (2) “Multi-part techniques in folk music and dance”. The subject of our interest is the second theme, mostly dedicated to polyphony in traditional music. Full papers, delivered at the conference, were published in the Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 19 (1967), together with the concluding remarks by K. P. Wachsmann on the sessions on multi-part techniques. This is the list of scholars and their papers that were published in 1967:

1. Isabel Aretz, Venezuela, Caracas. “The polyphonic chant in South America”.

2. Deborah Bertunoff, Israel, Tel Aviv. “A comparative study of the movement accentuation of the body in different cultures.” [this paper was not dedicated to traditional polyphony]

3. Ernst Emsheimer, Sweden, Stockholm. “Georgian folk polyphony”.

4. Nicholas England, USA, New York. “Bushmen counterpoint”.

5. Akin Euba, Nigeria, “Multiple pitch lines in Yoruba choral music”.

6. Felix Hoeburger, Germany, Regensburg. “Oriental elements in the folk dance and folk dance music of Greek Macedonia”.

7. Atta Annar Mersah, Ghana, Legon. “The polyphony of Gyil-gu, Kuozo and Awutu Sakumo”.

8. Kwabena Nketia, Ghana, Legon. “Multi-part organization in the music of the Gogo of Tanzania”.

9. David Rycroft, UK, London. “Nguni vocal polyphony.” 10. Simkha Arom [Simha Arom], Central African Republic, Bangul. “Instruments de la musique particuliers a certaines ethnies de la Republique Centrafricaine”.

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