Church music laboratory

Laboratory of Sacred Music was created in at Georgian Folk Music Department 2007on the initiative of Prof. Manana Andriadze then-head of the Department, who coordinated the sacred music research group of secular and sacred music laboratory. Since its inception the laboratory has been headed by Doctor of Musicology (church music) Magda Sukhiashvili. At the Church Music Laboratory there is a library which comprises the literature on Georgian sacred chant, hymnography, scientific researches, notated collections, photo copies of manuscripts, and musicologist Givi Lortkipanidze’s personal archive. On the initiative of the Laboratory Head in 2015 initiated were Ekvtime Kereselidze seminars, as part of which the laboratory organizes meetings with scholar-researchers studying church music and hymnography, holds interesting discussions on the problems of church music.

The laboratory employees actively seek for and study handwritten sources preserved in various funds, participate in scientific conferences and symposia, publish works in Conservatoire and various local and international publications.

The laboratory provides comfortable work and study environment for students and researchers of church music; the books preserved at the laboratory’s library are of significant help. The Laboratory employees assist the students interested in the practical study and research of sacred chant.