Study program “Georgian Folk music”

Length: 10 month (60 credits)

Enrollment in program: It is desirable for the applicant to have musical education of I course of BA / primary level or the corresponding knowledge.

Mission of Program: To teach theoretical and practical course of Georgian folk music to foreign citizens also to teach playing on at least 2 instruments.

Program includes:

Study Component – individual/group study with course leaders – 270 hours

Practice – Expedition in Georgian regions – 400 Hours (In case of the   student’s desire and his own expanses)

Independent activities – At the Conservatoire, Folk music laboratory and IRSTP libraries (internet) – 400 Hours

Preparation of the final essay – 400 Hours


Accommodation expenses as well as expenses of Expedition in Georgian regions (in case of such wish) must be borne by student.

At the end of the course student should submit the essay on the topic of his/her choice.


After completion of the  course a certificate of V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire will be awarded.


Head of Program:  Emer. Professor Rusudan Tsurtsumia.


By agreement with the student, some changes in the number of hours are possible (except for the Georgian language).


The compulsory subjects are:


Georgian Language – 60 hours

Theory of Georgian   folk music   – 60 hours

Practice in Georgian   folk music –   35 hours

Folk music transcription – 35 hours

Georgian instruments – 40 hours

Georgian mythology in the context of Caucasian mythology – 20 hours

Georgian   folk music in the context of Georgian culture–  20 hours.


(The distribution of class hours can be changed to some extent by agreement with the student, except for the Georgian language).



The Payment for the entire course amount to 3 000 USD. The study cost can also be paid in parts.


tel.:  995 322 99 89 53

e-mail: polyphony@tsc.edu.ge

www.polyphony.ge ; www.symposium.polyphony.ge