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Georgia. 1998

The series of conferences on traditional polyphony came back after ten years of silence in Georgia. The conference was organized by the Tbilisi State Conservatory (rector Manana Doijashvili and vice-rector Rusudan Tsurtsumia) and was held from October 15-22, 1998. Papers were fully published in the language they were presented in, although extended abstracts in alternative languages (English or Georgian) were also published (see Tsurtsumia, 2000). Most of the participants were from Georgia (unless indicated otherwise). Here is the list of scholars and their papers according to the collection of published papers:

1. Caroline Bithell, UK. (a) “Polyphony in the Corsican tradition structure: Style: Context: Motivation.” (b) “The Corsican sound: Identity, evolution and transformation”.

2. Tamaz Gabisonia, Georgia. “Classification of the Georgian polyphony forms”.

3. Vladimer Gogotishvili, Georgia.“On characteristics of the mood-intonational system in Georgian (Megrelian) lyrical songs”.

4. Malkhaz Erkvanidze, Georgia. “On the nature of Georgian polyphony”.

5. Nato Zumbadze., Georgia.“The system of multi-part singing in Georgian women’s songs”.

6. Nino Kalandadze-Makharadze, Georgia. “Zari – polyphonic dirge in Georgian folklore”.

7. Tamar Meskhi, Georgia. “Georgian urban polyphonic songs”.

8. Joseph Jordania, Australia. “Question intonation, speech pathologies and the origins of polyphony”.

9. Nino Pirtskhalava, Georgia. “Ioanne Petritsi’a aesthetics and Georgian three-part singing”.

10. Manana Shilakadze, Georgia. “Polyphony and Georgian folk musical instruments”.

11. David Shugliashvili, Georgia. “On polyphony of Georgian hymns”.

12. Nino Tsitsishvili, Australia. “A systematic study of the relationships between polyphony and monophony in the Kartli-Kakhetian table and solo work songs”.

13. Kukuri [Evsevi] Chokhonelidze, Georgia. “The art of improvisation and Georgian polyphonic music”.


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