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Georgia. 2000

An international conference “Problems of Polyphony in Sacred and Secular Music” was organized at the Tbilisi State Conservatory by the Tbilisi State Conservatory with the help of the foundation “Open Society – Georgia.” Papers were published in the language in which they were delivered, with abstracts in the English (or Georgian) language (Tsurtsumia, 2001). Here is the list of scholars and the papers according to the published collection (most of the participants were from Georgia unless stated otherwise): 

1. Tamar Chkheidze, Georgia. “Peculiarities of musical Composition of Orthodox Liturgy and Catholic Mass (comparative analyses)”.

2. Dali Dolidze, Georgia. “The old Georgian Synodikon”.

3. Khatuna Managadze, Georgia. “Historic-Liturgical and musical aspects of lent chants”.

4. Manana Andriadze, Georgia “On Chrelis preserved in Gulanis”.

5. Ekaterine Oniani, Georgia. “Some considerations of Georgian “beautified” chanting”.

6. Christiana Dimitriou, Romania. “The manuscripts of Byzantine Music preserved in Monastic and Episcopal libraries of Cyprus”.

7. Malkhaz Erkvanidze, Georgia. “The nature of Georgian polyphony: On Unity of form”.

8. David Shugliashvili, Georgia. “Unison” polyphony of Georgian chant”.

9. Magda Sukhiashvili, Georgia. “On some aspects of Georgian original hymnography historical development”.

10. Nestan Sulava, Georgia. “Annunciation in Georgian hymnography”.

11. Marine Tsintsabadze, Georgia. “St Ketevan the Queen in Georgian hymnography”.

12. Zivar Huseinova, Russia, Saint Petersburg, “Musical papers of the Church Bulletin of the Georgian Exarchate”.

13. Elena Shevchuk, Ukraine. “Types of polyphony in the 17th century art of Ukrainian folk songs and church chants”.

14. Tamaz Gabisonia, Georgia. “Some aspects of the relation between Georgian church hymns and Georgian folk songs”.

15. Nino Kalandadze-Makharadze, Georgia. “World anthology of vocal impressions and Georgia polyphony in the ethnomusicological department of Paris Museum of Man”.

16. Vladimer Gogotishvili, Georgia. “On certain characteristics of mode systems of Georgian polyphonic folk songs”.

17. Tina Zhvania, Georgia. “The role of instruments in Georgian polyphony (the relationship between vocal and instrumental music)”.

18. Manana Shilakadze, Georgia. “Aspects of Georgian musical folklore study in the works by foreign scholars (about the work of Sylvie Bolle-Zemp)”.

19. Tamar Meskhi, Georgia. ” For the issue of women polyphony”.

20.  Sylvie Bolle-Zemp, Switzerland. “Vowels and chords. Chant in upper svanety”.

21. Kukuri (Evsevi) Chokhonelidze, Georgia. “On some historical and theoretical aspects of tone concept”.

22. Nato Zumbadze, Georgia. “Georgian polyphonic song and methods of teaching it”.

23. Joseph Jordania, Australia. “Moral models and ethics in the study of the origins of choral polyphony”.

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