International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony together with representatives of ESEM has already started working on the English book of Proceedings of the ESEM-2017 to be published in 2018.


International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony has already started working on the bilingual book of Proceedings of the 8th symposium to be published in 2018. The editors of the publication are Doctor of Arts Rusudan Tsurtsumia and Prof. Joseph Jordania. The collection reflects current state of polyphony research worldwide and Georgian scholars’ searches in the study of native polyphonic song-chant.


Renowned French ethnomusicologist Yvette Grimaud was first Western scholar who came to Georgia to record Georgian folk songs after a long correspondence with Prof.  Grigol Chkhikvadze. Together with Chkhikvadze she visited almost all parts of Georgia and recorded about 400 examples. In 2008 ethnomusicologist Nino Razmadze and a French lady Zoe Peret, living and working in Tbilisi, contacted Prof. Grimaud.  Following the negotiations Prof. Grimaud expressed her consent to deliver all the audio material recorded in Georgia in 1967 supplied with verbal texts and her scientific research in French, for publication.

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ISSN 1512-2883 (#1-7)

eISSN 2346-7614 (#8-)

The bilingual bulletin of the IRCTP provides the information on the performance and study of traditional music.

The Bulletin encompasses various themes: novelties from Georgia’s ethnomusicological life; articles on Georgian and foreign scholars, song-masters and performers; Georgian and foreign folk ensembles; Georgian and foreign traditional polyphony and instrumental music; materials from old press on the problems topical for today; field expeditions; information on the cultural centers of Georgia (museums, ethnographic institutions, etc). Each volume includes the history of one Georgian song together with the notation of the example.

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