Ethnomusicological works

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Maps and musical examples for book Choral Singing in Human Culture and Evolution 

You can find here 15 maps of distribution of various styles of traditional polyphony in Europe and the world, a map of distribution of stuttering in the world, and also 49 musical examples from various world cultures. These maps and musical examples are complementary to Joseph Jordania’s book “Choral Singing in Human Culture and Evolution” (Lambert Academic Publishers, Saarbrucken, 2015).

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The Modal Characteristics of Georgian Folk Song

Georgian folk musical culture has a century-old history. Until today the Georgians have preserved songs from various historical times. It looks like the people of Georgia have passed these songs to the present-day generation from the distant past, the fact which raises great scholarly interest. Georgian folk song has absorbed diverse musical-stylistic streams, all of which reflect the musical thinking of various historical epochs.

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