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Conferences, Seminars and Symposia on traditional polyphony

In this section the interested reader wiil find some information about the special conferences, symposia and seminars dedicated to the problems of traditional vocal polyphony. Of course, plenty of papers on different aspects of traditional polyphony have been delivered at countless ethnomusicological conferences all over the world, but here we discuss only the scholarly meetings that were fully dedicated to traditional polyphony. All the scholarly meetings discussed here had international participation.

Conferences, symposia and seminars on traditional polyphony, as we am aware, were organized in different countries from the 1960s, and became particularly widespread from the 1980s onwards. In this review we shall mention only the conference title, place, time, organizing body, names of the participants, countries they represented, and the titles of their papers. Some conference and symposia materials were not published at all, some were published as brief abstracts only, some were published as extended abstracts (from 2 to 4 pages), and some were published as collections of full papers (some even in more than one language).

As we know from all of these scholarly meetings, only one has been organized in Africa (symbolically, the very first one in 1966), and one in Southeast Asia (in 2002). Most of these conferences, symposia and seminars were organized in Europe. No such scholarly meeting dedicated to traditional polyphony has been so far organized in North and South America, or Australia. Scholarly meetings in this review are organized in chronological order.


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