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Taiwan. 2002

An International Ethnomusicology Conference “Polyphony in Traditional Society: Behavior and Aesthetics” was organized by Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Musicology. The conference was held from October 21st to October 25th. The conference was accompanied by the concerts of traditional polyphony from Taiwan, mainland China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Austronesia, and Mediterranea. The proceedings of the conference were published (Wu, 2002). The following papers were delivered at the conference:
1. Jiin Fure Yu, Taiwan. “Polyphonic improvisation and Social restriction of the Seqez group in Atayal”.
2. Chun-Yen Sun, Taiwan. “Exploration of polyphonic technique and aesthetics of Malan Amis through the singing of Ying-Nan Kuo”.
3. Ming-Jay Zhou, Taiwan. “The operation and specialties in Paiwan polyphony.”
4. Run-Shum Wu, Taiwan. “The oral tradition and practice in polyphonic singing: polyphonic form, sonic facts and Divers Variation from Bunun’s Pasi but but”.
5. Xiu Zhao Yang, China. “A description and discussion of Tong’s multi-voice folk songs in Guan Xi Province”.
6. Xiu-Zhao Yang, China. “The tradition and insistence of multi-voice folk-song in Tong, Guan Xi”.
7. Tran Quang Hai, France. “Polyphony in overtone singing in Central Asia: The case of Mongolia and Tuva”.
8. Xin-Rung Chang, China. “Eight-voice polyphony of Hani, Unan”.
9. Jian-Zhong Qiao, China. “Field-work report of Miaw’s polyphonic singing, Gui-Zhou (1999)”.
10. To Ngoc Thanh, Vietnam. “The heterophonic singing of some Vietnamese Minorities”.
11. Philip Haruitara, Solomon Islands. “Polyphonic jodel and pipe flutes of ‘Are’are’, Solomon Islands”.
12. Felicidad A. Prudente, Philippines. “Weaving voices of the Highland Peoples of Northern Philippines”.
13. Anne-Florence Borfeuf, France. “The a Tenore polyphonic singing of Sardinia”.

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