Dimitri Araqishvili

11. 02. 1873 (Vladikavkaz) – 13.08.1953 (Tbilisi)
Georgian (Soviet) composer, musicologist-folklorist-ethnographer, pedagogue, and a public worker, one of the founders of the national composition school of music, the founder of the musical folklore science in Georgia. On the instruction of the musical-ethnographic committee of Moscow University he organized four scientific expeditions (1901, 1902, 1904,1908) in various regions of Georgia and collected vast musical material (over 500 folk songs. Later he published three big collections of the expedition materials including extensive research and comments.

Main works of D. Araqishvili:

Kartuli erovnuli ertkhmovani sagaloblebi (Georgian traditional one-part songs). For schools of Tbilisi and Kutaisi provinces. (1905). Publication of the society for extending of reading and writing #73. Tpilisi: A. Kutateladze’s fast-printing (in Georgian)
Kartuli Musika. (Georgian music). (1925). Tbilisi: Metsniereba Sakartveloshi. Kutaisi: local printing house (in Georgian)
Khalkhuri samusiko sakravebis aghtsera da gazomva (description and measuring of Georgian folk instruments). (1940). Tbilisi: Teknika da shroma (in Georgian)
Rachurli khalkhuri simgherebi (Racha folk songs). (1950). Tbilisi: khelovneba (in Georgina)
Svanuri khalkhuri simgherebi (Svan folk songs). (1950). Tbilisi: khelovneba (in Georgian)
Dasavlet sakartvelos khalkhur simgherata kilos tsqoba (mode structure of songs of western Georgia). (1954) . Tbilisi: khelovneba (in Georgian)
Short essay of development of Georgian, Kartl-kakheti folk songs, wuth enclosure of sheet music examples and 27 songs in folk harmony;
O gruzinskoi dukhovnoi narodnoi muzike (on Georgian sacred music), with enclosure of chants of liturgy of st. John theologian/ (1905). Moscow: typography of K.L. Menshov (in Russian)
Narodnaia pesnia zapadnoi gruzii (Imereti) (Folk song of West Georgia). With enclosure of 83 songs in folk harmony. (1908). From the 2nd volume of the “Works of Musical-Ethnographical Committe”, Moscow, (in Russian)
Gruzinskoe narodnoe tvorchestvo (Georgian Folk Music) ( Folk music from East Georgia and North Caucasus). With enclosure of 225 songs in folk harmony and 39 instrumental pieces. (1916). From the 5th volume of the “Works of Musical-Ethnographical Committee”, at Moscow University. Moscow: Typography of G.Lissner and D. Sobko (in Russian)
Gruzinskaia muzika (Georgian music). (1925). Kutaisi: Typography of local community (in Russian) Pesni gortsev vostochnoi muziki (Songs of mountaineers of east Georgia). Magazine: Sovetskaia muzika”, 1939, #4, Moscow (in Russian)
Kratkii istoricheskii obzor Gruzinskoi muziki (Short historical survey of Georgian music). (1940). Tbilisi: State Publishing House of Georgia. Musical-literature division (in Russian)Obzor narodnoi pesni bostochnoi Gruuzii (survey of folk song of East Georgia). (1948). Tbilisi: State Publishing House of Georgia (in Russian)
O ladakh v narodnikh triokhgolosnikh pesniakh Vostochnoi Gruzii (On mode in three-part folk songs of East Georgia). (1942). Report delivered on the Compositional faculty.

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