Ketevan Nakashidze

23.05.1951 (Tbilisi)
Ethnomusicologist, Candidate in Historian Sciences. In 1975 graduated from the department of Musicology (specialty of folklore) of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. Since 1981 has been a chief scientist-specialist of the institute problem group of research of musical ethnology of the Iv. Javakhishvili State Institute of History and Ethnology. In 1988 maintained a thesis on “Musical culture of mountaineers of West Georgia) (According to the ethnographic proceedings from Racha)

Nakashidze’s main works:

Rachuli samgloviaro simghera “zruni” (Racha dirge song zruni). (1985). Istoriul-etnigrafiuli shtudiebi (Historical-ethnographical assays). (pp. 221-227). Tbilisi: (in Georgian, with Russian resume)
Rachuli shromis simgherebis spetsifikisatvis (On the specificity of Racha work songs). (1987). (MSE) Small Soviet Encyclopedia. vol. XXIII (pp. 261-266). Tbilisi: Metsniereba (in Georgian, with Russian resume)
Muzikalnaia kultura gortsev Zapadnoi Gruzii (Musical culture of mountaineers of West Georgia). (1987). Auto thesis for a candidate’s degree in Historical Sciences. Tbilisi. Yerevan (in Russian) Rachuli sashobao simgherebi (Racha Christmas songs). (1989). Ethnographical assays. Tbilisi: (pp. 16-21) (in Georgian)

Georgian Lament (1999). Meskheti (Collection of Historical Papers), III, Tbilisi – Akhaltsikhe, 1999. Some Peculiarities of Rachan Musical Dialect basing on Musical-Ethnographic Data (2000). Analebi, #2; journal of I. Javakhishvili Institute of History and Ethnology. Tbilisi: Mematiane (in Georgian, with Russian and English summaries)

Rachan Variants of “Iavnana” (2003). Caucasian Ethnological Collection, VIII. Tbilisi

On Polyphony in Georgian Funeral Songs. (2003). Tsurtsumia, Rusudan and Jordania, Joseph  (editors). Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony, pp. 293-305. Tbilisi:  Tbilisi: International Research Centre for Traditional Polyphony of Tbilisi State Conservatoire (in Georgian and English)

Some Issues Related with Mourning over the deceased (2004). MSE XXVI. Tbilisi: Mematiane (in Georgian with Russian summary)

Hunting Song “Mitvla”. (2004). Historical –ethnographic searches, VI. Tbilisi: Mematiane (in Georgian)

Mourning and the Term “Shairi”. (2005). MSE XXVI. Tbilisi: Mematiane (in Georgian with Russian summary).

On Rachan Musical Dialect. (2006). “Academia” journal, vol. 6-7. Tbilisi: Association of Modern Scientific Research (AMSI) (in Georgian with English summary)

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