The project “The Network of European Bagpipers”

The project “The Network of European Bagpipers”  is implemented by the Erasmus+ program and unites the representatives of 6 countries. (Bagpiper performers, masters and researchers) The project is two years long and aim of the project is to safeguard and to promote specific part of ICH (bagpipes playing and making tradition).

As part of the project, Bagpiper performers visited Georgia and Italy. They get acquainted with the technology of making Bagpipes and the traditions of its performance. The project is continuing, which involves visiting the representatives of all six countries, promoting the tradition of making and playing the Bagpipes.

Project partners are:

  • Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation (Latvia) – Coordinating partner;
  • Centre of Croatian traditional instruments (Croatia);
  • Associazione culturale Multietnica (Italy);
  • Asociación Gaiteros de Graus (Spain);
  • Cech slovenskych gajdosov (Slovakia);
  • Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Georgia)

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