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     Polyphony is one of the less comprehended phenomena of musical thinking. The interest in researching it has significantly increased over the last years. The map presented on this page indicates the areas all over the world where polyphonic music is spread. 

     Over three thousand years of history, Georgia allocated on the border line between Asia and Europe has developed its unique polyphonic musical culture. The Georgians have enriched the world treasure with specific polyphonic and church music. Since ancient times three-part singing has been the norm of Georgian musical thinking. Everybody who has ever been in touch with Georgian polyphonic examples recognizes their diversity and excellence.

     History of the scientific study of traditional polyphonic music counts a century. Later renowned foreign scholars and musicians also got interested in Georgian polyphonic music. The interest especially increased at the end of the 20th century; which was proved by the scientific-practical conferences held in 1984198619881998 and 2000. This was followed by the First International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony in 2002.

     These scientific forums inspired the idea to establish the International Research Center for Traditional Polyphonywhich was realized in 2003 with the support of UNESCO and world-renowned ethnomusicologists.

     On the one hand, the Center aims to collect scientific knowledge on the world polyphony and on the other hand to spread the practical and theoretical knowledge on Georgian polyphony throughout the world. This purpose is achieved by international symposia on polyphony and the published collections of proceedings of the symposia. 

The web site on the world and Georgian polyphony will help the people interested in these issues to have an access to the information available at the Center.

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