The Modal Characteristics of Georgian Folk Song

Georgian folk musical culture has a century-old history. Until today the Georgians have preserved songs from various historical times. It looks like the people of Georgia have passed these songs to the present-day generation from the distant past, the fact which raises great scholarly interest. Georgian folk song has absorbed diverse musical-stylistic streams, all of which reflect the musical thinking of various historical epochs.

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Bulletin of the International Centre for Traditional Polyphony of  Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire

The bilingual bulletin of the IRCTP provides the information on the performance and study of traditional music.

The Bulletin encompasses various themes: novelties from Georgia’s ethnomusicological life; articles on Georgian and foreign scholars, song-masters and performers; Georgian and foreign folk ensembles; Georgian and foreign traditional polyphony and instrumental music; materials from old press on the problems topical for today; field expeditions; information on the cultural centers of Georgia (museums, ethnographic institutions, etc). Each volume includes the history of one Georgian song together with the notation of the example.

The IRCTP bulletin was founded in 2004 as part of the UNESCO project “Safeguarding and Promotion of Georgian Polyphony”. # 1-7 (editor Rususdan Tsurtsumia) were published as printed volumes, but volumes from #8 (editor Maka Khardziani) are accessible only online. New volumes are uploaded in January and June at the Centre’s Web Site

The IRCTP Bulletin is open for cooperation with anyone whose article corresponds with the thematic of the edition.  For this the authors should contact the editor at

The deadlines for submission:

December volume – November 15

June volume – April 15


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